Use of Verbal Nouns

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Nominalization (as a noun)

  • faicinn an taigh "the seeing of the house

Participle (in imperfective/progressive, perfect, recent perfect, prospective, and stative aspects)

  • tha mi a' dol
  • tha mi air am biadh ithe
  • tha mi as deidh am bainne òl
  • tha mi nam suidhe
  • tha i 'gad chluinntinn
  • tha mi air a chluinntinn

As an infinitive

  • THa mi a' dol a dh'ithe cèic
  • A dh'ithe cèic 'se a bhith beò
  • is toigh leam do chluinntinn "we like hearing you"

In Passives

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