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Null subject constructions are linguistic constructions found in languages that are typologically classified as null subject languages. null subject languages contain the pro-drop parameter, which is a language specific parameter, that is described as 'on' or 'off'. This parameter is also common in languages that contain a very rich system of verbal inflectional morphology, which enables the language to convey the number, person and even the gender of the pronoun or agent of the inflected verb. This parameter is found in multiple languages throughout the world, therefore null subject constructions are found in languages that are otherwise not related according to genetic classification.
==Example of a Null Subject Constructions==
==Example of a Null Subject Constructions==
'''Perso-Arabic script:''' ایرانی هستم<br>
'''Transliteration:''' Irâni hastam<br>
'''Literal Translation:''' Iranian am<br>
'''Actual Translation:''' I am Iranian<br><br>
[[Category: Syntax]]
[[Category: Syntax]]

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Example of a Null Subject Constructions