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A discussion of prepositions of Scottish Gaelic can be found at Prepositions

Prepositions are grammatical particles that typically indicate a grammatical function, typically marking some relation between the noun that follows and the rest of the sentence. Prepositions can indicate among other things, direction, location, time, possession, sources, goals, benefactors, experiencers, instrumentation, comparison, manner, purpose, agency and others. Prepositions can also be present as a default case marking, such as the English preposition "of". Prepositions can be simple single particles like "to", but they can also be complex phrases like "on top of", "in spite of", "next to". English Prepositions include among others 'to', 'from', 'at', 'with', 'out', 'in', 'for', 'of', 'by', 'under', 'over', 'through', 'behind', 'before', 'with respect to', 'except for', 'by dint of', 'next to', 'on top of',

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