Sentential possession

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Gaelic has no verb 'have' . Instead sentential possession is indicated by using the verb Bi (Tha, Bha, Beidh etc) followed by the possessed element followed by the preposition aig and then the possessor:


Tha leabhar aig Calum
Be.pres book at Calum
Calum has a book

When the possessor is pronominal one of the inflected forms of aig (e.g. agam, agad, aige, etc.) is used:


Tha leabhar aige
Be.pres book at.3sm
He has a book

Idioms using Tha ... agam

  • Need: Tha feum agam dòl "I need to go"
  • Love: Tha gaol agam ort "I love you

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