Transcriptions of Nasalized Fricatives

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Following are transcriptions (each word will be transcribed by two people) of potential "nasalized fricatives," which have been included in the sound inventory of Scottish Gaelic, although it has been claimed that nasalized fricatives are physiologically impossible. Also included are examples of their oral counterparts.

The sound files come from a native speaker of the Skye dialect.

Nasalized Fricatives

Orthography Transcription 1 Transcription 2 Source Notes
a-riamh [əðiəv] Dihaoine, line 6 ever
talamh gu domhainn [t̪halˠas kə t̪õɨn] Dihaoine, line 10
mhór [ṽo:ɾ] Dimairt, line 3 big
mheud [vʲut] Diardoin, line 5 amount
do dhèanamh [dəjanəv] Diardaoin, line 6 make

Corresponding Oral Fricatives

Orthography Transcription 1 Transcription 2 Source Notes
dearbh [ʤɛɾəv] Dihaoine, line 15
bheil [vɛl] Dihaoine, line 2 be.pres
bhuidhe [vuʝə] Dimairt, line 9 yellow
sibh [ʃɛv] Diardaoin, line 1
bhitheas [vɪs] Diardaoin, line 2 be.relfut
falbh [falˠav] Diardoin, line 2 leave
bho [və] Diardoin, line 2 from
dhaibh [ɣaɪv] Diardoin, line 4 to him/her/it
bha [va] Diardoin, line 5 be.past
dealbh [d͡ʒalav] Diardoin, line 5(&10) picture
bhrèagha [vɾi.aː] Diardoin, line 5 pretty
thaobh [hɯv] Diardoin, line 7 side
bhith [vi] Diardoin, line 7
sibh ag [ʃiva] Diardoin, line 9 you.plural progressive

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