Adjective Declension

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  1. In the plural Monosyllables add an a or an e depending upon the quality of the final vowel:
  • beag --> beaga
  • mìn --> mìne
  1. Multi syllablic adjectives are the same as the singular in the plural
  • example here


Charts from MacDonald (1976)


case Singular Plural
common balach beag balaich bheaga
genitive balaich bhig balach beaga
dative balach beag (but a' bhalach bheag, when definite) balaich bheaga
vocative a bhalaich bhig a bhalacha beaga


case Singular Plural
common caileag bheag caileagan beaga
genitive caileige bige chaileagan beaga
dative caileig bhig caileagan beaga
vocative a chaileag bheag a chaileagan beaga


MacDonald, J.A. (1976) Gàidhlig Bheo. National Extension College