Adverbials of Time

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  • a nis "just now"
  • nisde "just now"
  • an drasda "just now"
  • latha "day"
  • oidhche "night"
  • madainn "morning"
  • feasgar "afternoon"
  • nochd "night/tonight"
  • an diugh "today"
  • an dè "yesterday"
  • a raoir "last night"
  • a bhon dè "The day before yesterday"
  • madain an dè "yesterday morning"
  • feasgar an dè "yesterday afternoon"
  • màireach "tomorrow"
  • an ath oidhche "Tomorrow night"
  • an earar "the day after tomorrow"
  • trath "early"
  • fadalach "late
  • fad an latha "all day long"
  • fad an fheasgar "all afternoon long"
  • fad na h-oidhche "all night long
  • seachdain "week"
  • an ath sheachdain "next week"
  • an t-seachdain 'sa chaidh "last week"
  • colladeug "fortnight"
  • an ath mhios "next month"
  • a' mhios 'sa chaidh "Last month"
  • an ath bhliadhna "Next year"
  • a' bhliadhna 'sa chaidh "last year"
  • anns an earrach "In the spring"
  • anns an t-samhradh "in the summer"
  • anns an fhoghar "in the autumn"
  • anns a' gheamhradh "in the winter"
  • fhathast "yet/still"

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