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Noun clefting

'S e a' cheist sin a fhreagairt a tha doirbh.
Cop it the question that Tran wh-C be.pres difficult
'It is answering that question that is difficult.' (Adger 1994)
'S e am ministear a tha mis a' ceilidh air a-nochd.
Cop it the minister wh-C be.pres 1sg Prog on tonight
'It is the minister that I am visiting tonight.' (Adger 1994)

Clause clefting

'S e gun do bhuail thu an cat a tha mi a' ciallachadh.
Cop it that Pst strike.pst 2sg the cat wh-C be.pres 1sg prog
'It is that you struck the cat that I mean.' (Adger 1994)

Adverb clefting

'S ann a-nochd a tha mi a' ceilidh air minister.
Cop in.3sg.m tonight wh-C be.pres 1sg prog on minister
'It is tonight that I am visiting a minister.' (Adger 1994)

Aspect phrase clefting

'S ann a' ceilidh air minister a tha mi a-nochd.
Cop in.3sg.m prog on minister wh-C be.pres 1sg tonight
'It is visiting a minister that I am tonight.' (Adger 1994)

'S e Dòmhnal a tha a dòl amach.

'S ann a' cluich a tha e

'S ann a glaschu a tha e

  • chan e
  • an e
  • gur e
  • b'e
  • cha b'e
  • Is ann
  • chan ann
  • an ann
  • gur ann
  • b' ann
  • cha b'ann
  • am b'ann
  • gum b'ann

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