Familial Relations

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[This is part of a project to list some vocabulary by semantic group, this list is just a starting point

Gaelic English
athair (m) father
bean (f) wife/woman
bràthair (m) brother
caraid (m) friend
càird (m) relative
cèile (m) husband
duine (m) man/husband
leanabh (m) child
mac (m) son
màthair (f) mother
nighean (f) daughter
ogha (m) grandchildren
pàiste (m) infant/child
piuthair (f) sister
seanair (m) grandfather
seanmhair (f) grandmother
Adapted from Fisher (2004).

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  • Fisher, Muriel (2004) Scottish Gaelic: level 1. Seattle: Each-mara publications.