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Negation in Scottish Gaelic can occur at the clausal level, the constituent level, or at the word level.

Sentential Negation

At the sentence level, a negative particle precedes the entire clause:

CHAN signifies a negative, declarative clause.

Chan eil iad gu math
NEG are they well
'They are not well.'

NACH signifies a negative, interrogative clause.

Nach eil iad gu math
NEG are they well
'Are they not well?'

NA signifies a negative imperative sentence.

Na ith
NEG eat.imp
'Don't eat!'

Constituent Negation

The prepositions gun and as aonais are used to negate certain constituents:

duine gun chiall
a man NEG sense
'a man without sense'

as aonais nan each
NEG the horses
'without the horses'

Double Negatives