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Proper nouns

Common Nouns

Common nouns are nouns that ___.

The noun stems may be simple or compound (cf. Macaulay 1992, 207).

Compound nouns can be formed in a few ways:

Noun-Noun Combination

'shop' + obrach gen. ofobair 'work' - bUth-obrach brith

Noun-Adjective Combination

mor-shluagh (mor adj., 'big'+ sluagh 'people')

Preposition-Noun Combination

ro-shealladh (ro prep., 'before' + sea//adh 'view')

Noun-Suffix Combination

bodachan (bodach 'old man' +-an diminutive suffix)



Personal Pronouns

Personal Pronouns



Anaphoric nouns

Anaphoric nouns in SG include:

feadhainn: 'some'

cuid: 'feadhinn'

fear: 'some'

: 'one'

sion: 'anything'

sgath: 'anything'

dad: 'anything'

rud: 'thing'

càil: 'anything'

Mass vs. Count Nouns

The Mass vs. Count distinctions

Mass vs. Count (definition)

Alienable vs. Inalienable Nouns

The Alienable vs. Inalienable distinction

Alienable vs. Inalienable (definition)

Verbal Nouns

Verbal Nouns are nouns derived from verbs

Inverted Nominal

Inverted Nominal

Possessors in the genitive follow the possessed noun

Possessed + article + possessor(gen)

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