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Simple reciprocal

Choinnich Anna agus Ceit.
meet.pst Anna and Ceit
'Ann and Ceit met (intended meeting).'
Phòs Tom agus Morag.
marry.pst Tom and Morag
'Tom and Mary married.' (only has they married each other)

Reciprocal alternation

Cho-bhuail an car leis a' bhàidhsagal.
collide.pst the car with the bicycle
'The car collided with the bicycle.'
Cho-bhuail an car agus am bhàidhsagal.
collide.pst the car and the bicycle
'The car and the bicycle collided.'

Apart reciprocal

Bhrisd mi an t-ògan dhen mheangan.
break.pst 1sg the twig from.def branch
'I broke the twig off the branch.'

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