Relative Future

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For a definition of the relative future see Relative Future (definition)

The relative future is a special form of the verb used in the Future tense after certain particles instead of the regular future. After ma 'if', a 'who, which, that', 'who', 'what', Cuin a/Cuine 'when', this special form is used.

  1. Who will be working there?: Cò bhitheas ag obair ansin? (cf. Bithidh Iain ag obair ansin)
  2. If he will be leaving...: Ma bhitheas e a' falbh
  3. The man who I will hear: an duine a chluinneas mi

The relative future is typically formed by affixing either -eas or -as to the regular future form. , the verb is lenited (with dh' before vowels and fh)

particles that govern the relative future

  • Ma 'if'
  • Cò 'who'
  • a (the relative marker)
  • Cuine/Cuin a 'when'
  • dè 'what'