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*[[ Grammatical (Viewpoint) Aspect ]]
*[[ Grammatical (Viewpoint) Aspect ]]
Scottish Gaelic makes several semantic distinctions of viewpoint aspect, including Perfective (Aorist), Imperfective, Habitual, Stative, Perfect, After-Perfect, and Prospective. These semantic distinctions are variously instantiated in the morphosyntax.
*[[ Lexical Aspect (Aktionsart) ]]
*[[ Lexical Aspect (''Aktionsart'') ]]

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To see a definition of the terms used here see Aspect (definition)

Aspect in Scottish Gaelic

Aspect takes two forms in Scottish Gaelic: Grammatical or Viewpoint aspect and Lexical aspect or Aktionsart. Viewpoint aspect gives a picture of the flow or architecture of the time of the situation expressed by the proposition. Aktionsart is inherent to verbs or verb phrases and describes the inherent structure of the eventuality of the proposition in terms of endpoints (telicity), duration (punctualness/durativity), etc.