Relative Clauses

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Relative clauses in Scottish Gaelic act as nominal modifiers such that they modify a noun and not a phrase. They always occur post-nominally and are headed by the relativiser a.

Relativization of the object of the preposition:

An duine a bha thu ag èisteachd ris.
the man Wh-C be.PST 2SG PROG listen.VN to.3SG.M
'The man you were listening to'

Preposition fronting version of the above sentence (acceptable to Lewis and Uist speakers, variable for Skye speakers):

An duine ris an robh thu ag èisteachd.
the man to.3SG.M Wh-C be.PST.DEP 2SG PROG listen.VN
'The man you were listening to'

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