Transcriptions of Epenthesis

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Following are transcriptions (each word will be transcribed by two people) of epenthesis in Scottish Gaelic. Also included are examples of 'pseudo-epenthesis.'

The sound files come from a native speaker of the Skye dialect.


Orthography Transcription 1 Transcription 2 Source Notes
ormsa [aɾamsa] Dihaoine, line 5 on.1sg.emph
dearbh [ʤɛɾəv] Dihaoine, line 15 certain
t-ainm [tɛnəm] Dimairt, line 5 name
falbh [falˠav] Diardaoin, line 2 leave
dealbh [d͡ʒalav] Diardaoin, line 5(&6) picture
lorg [loɾək] Diardaoin, line 7


Orthography Transcription 1 Transcription 2 Source Notes
cheannach [çanax] Dihaoine, line 3
earrach [aɾəx] Dimairt, line 1 Spring
choireigin [hɤɾeikɪn] Diardaoin, line 2 some point
faireachdainnean [fɛɾakɪn] Diardaoin, line 4 feelings
atharrachadh [ahaɾaxɯ] Diardaoin, line 4 alter
faireachdainn [fɛːɾəxɡu] Diardaoin, line 5 feel
do dhèanamh [dəjanəv] Diardaoin, line 6 make
fuireach [fʊɾəx] Diciadain, line 9
coinnich [xɔnʲɪç] Diciadain, line 14 meet.fut

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