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Epenthesis in Scottish Gaelic primarily refers to vocalic epenthesis (also known as Svarabhakti), which is generally understood as the insertion of a vowel within a consonantal sequence.

Description of the phenomenon

Epenthetic vowels generally occur "between non-homorganic sonorants and obstruents, following a short, stressed vowel." (Bosch 1997: 1). The obstruent cannot be a voiceless aspirated stop.

Some examples are provided below (all taken from Bosch 1997); the epenthetic vowels are underlined:

  • arm, [aram], "army"
  • sealbh, [ʃaɫav], "property"
  • sgarbh, [skarav], "cormorant"
  • Alba, [aɫapə], "Scotland"
  • urchair, [uruxirᴶ], "a shot'"
  • dorcha, [dɔrɔxɔ], "dark"
  • [merᴶekᴶ] "rust"

Vowel Harmony


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