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Wanting: bi + experiencer + ag + iarradh + theme

Tha mi ag iarraidh [cupa ti].
be.pres 1sg Prog want.VN [cup of tea]
'I want a cup of tea.' or 'I am asking for a cup of tea.'

bi + nominal + aig+ experiencer + air+theme


Tha gràdh aice air
be.pres love at.1sg on.2sg
'I love you.'
Tha gaol aice air
be.pres love at.1sg on.2sg
'I love you.'


Tha gràin aca oirnn.
be.pres hate at.3pl on.1pl
'We hate them.'


Tha fios agam air an story.
be.pres knowledge at.1sg on the story
'I know the story.'

Note: fios 'knowledge' is used with inanimate things.


Tha cuimhn' agam air Mairi.
be.pres memory at.1sg on Mary
'I remember Mary.'

bi + nominal + air + experiencer


Tha an t-eagal orm.
be.pres the fear on.1sg
'I am afraid (terrified/frightened).'


Tha an nàire orm.
be.pres the ashamed on.1sg
'I am ashamed.'
Tha an nàire air Iain.
be.pres the ashamed on Iain
'Iain is ahsamed.'


Tha an deoch orm.
be.pres the drink on.1sg
'I am drunk.'

In a hurry/Rushed

Tha cabhag orm.
be.pres hurry on.1sg
'I am in a hurry.'


Tha an t-acras orm.
be.pres the huger on.1sg
'I am hungry.'
Tha an t-acras air Iain (airson beagan teoclaid).
be.pres the huger on Iain (for little chocolate).
'Iain is hungry for some chocolate.'


Tha an cadal orm.
be.pres the sleep on.1sg
'I am sleepy.'
Tha an cadal air Iain.
be.pres the sleep on Iain
'Iain is sleepy.'

Rare version of the above sentence:

Tha Iain cadalach.
be.pres Iain sleepy
'Iain is sleepy.'


Tha am pathadh orm.
be.pres the thirst on.1sg
'I am thirsty.'
Tha am pathadh air Iain (airson leann).
be.pres the thirst on Iain for beer
'Iain is thirsty (for beer).'


Tha an dèideadh orm.
be.pres the toothache on.1sg
'I have a toothache.'
Tha an dèideadh air Iain.
be.pres the toothache on Iain
'Iain has a toothache.'

Own: bi + possessed + le + possessor

Tha an leabhar le Fiona
be.pres the book with Fiona
'Fiona has the book.'

Is + nominal + le + experiencer

LIke and Dislike

  • Is toigh leum
'S toigh leum coffaidh.
cop.pres liking on.1sg coffee
'I like coffee.'
  • Cha toigh leat
Cha toigh leat coffaidh.
cop.neg liking at.2sg coffee
'You don't like coffee.'

Cuir + N + air + experiencer

  • cuir cianals air "make homesick"
  • cuir iongnadh air "surprise"

Verbal =

Còrd + theme + ri + experiencer "like"

Chord an latha ris.
like.pst the day to.3sg.m
'He liked the day.'

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