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Interrogatives are sentences that ask questions. They come in a number of subtypes:

  • Yes/No Questions (also known as polar questions) can be responded to by yes, no or maybe. They ask for a choice among alternatives . English: Are you going? Gaelic" A' bheil thu a' dol?
  • Wh-questions ask for additional contentful information. English what did you eat?, Gaelic: Dè a dh'tih thu?
  • Tag questions, ask for confirmation. They are structured as a declarative with a question "tag" which contrasts in negative polarity with the statement: English "We're going, aren't we?" Gaelic Tha sinn a' falbh, nach eil?"
  • Echo Questions repeat a previously heard statement but with rising intonation. They are used to ask for confirmation or express surprise. English: He left?, Gaelic: Dh'fhalbh e?

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