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[[:Category:Admin|Pages for editors]]
[[:Category:Admin|Pages for editors]]

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Welcome to The Scottish Gaelic Grammar Wiki
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Important information about the project

Welcome to the publicly accessible source for information on Scottish Gaelic Grammar. Sponsored by the Arizona Scottish Gaelic Syntax Project and the Arizona Gaelic Phonology and Phonetics Project both of which are funded by the National Science Foundation.
  • The pages on this site can only be edited by members of the gaelicgrammar.org team. If you notice an error please contact the author of the page via email.
  • Please note that unlike other wikis you might come across, the material on this site -- unless otherwise indicated -- is ©2012 Andrew Carnie and the gaelicgrammar.org team. It may not be reproduced in any medium without permission. Mirroring is specifically prohibited.

Syntax (Sentence Structure) and Semantics

Morphology (Word structure and Inflection)

Phonology and Phonetics (Sound systems)


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