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Equatives in Gaelic

  • In order to express equatives such as 'Cicero is Tully', Gaelic uses the expression below:
'S e Cicero agus Tully an aon duine.
Cop.Pres AUG Cicero and Tully the same person
'Cicero and Tully are the same person.' (Adger and Ramchand 2003:340)

rather than:

*'S e Cicero Tully.
Cop.Pres AUG Cicero Tully
'Cicero is idential to Tully.' (Adger and Ramchand 2003:341)

See Also


  • Adger, David and Gillian Ramchand. 2003. Predication and Equation. Linguistic Inquiry 34, 325-359.